DataStax Enterprise


DataStax Enterprise is scale-out data infrastructure for enterprises that need to handle any workload in any cloud.

DataStax Enterprise enables any workload on an active-everywhere, zero-downtime platform with zero lock-in and global scale.

Built on the foundation of Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise adds an operational reliability, monitoring and security layer hardened by the largest internet apps and the Fortune 100.

DataStax Enterprise accelerates cloud-native and bare-metal performance, supports more workload types from graph to search and analytics, and improves user productivity with Kubernetes and APIs.

Streamlined Development

Build apps seamlessly for distributed data sources and mixed models with DSE tools, drivers, Kafka and Docker integrations, and more.

Multi-Model, Mixed Workloads

Fully integrated with Graph, Search, and Analytics — Write data once and access using mixed workloads or access patterns.

Top Performance

Optimized for high throughput and low latency, with a fast bulk loader, advanced replication, and fast analytical queries.

Security End-to-End

Protect critical data, meet compliance requirements with unified authentication and access control, end-to-end encryption, data auditing.

DataStax HCD (Hyper-Converged Database)


HCD represents the future of self-managed multi-model databases, built on Apache Cassandra® 4.0—the leading NoSQL database known for its unlimited scalability and exceptionally low latencies. Cassandra 4.0 represents the most stable and extensively tested major release to date, with improved scaling, significant performance and security upgrades, and reduced costs.

HCD addresses the needs of new and modern data workloads, and it replaces DataStax Enterprise (DSE) workloads, benefiting from its cloud-native architecture and the latest Cassandra features.

It is designed for enterprises modernizing their data centers and adopting hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) to support new AI and advanced workloads. By leveraging HCD, these enterprises can maximize the benefits of data center modernization and optimize total cost of ownership (TCO).

DataStax Enterprise OpsCenter

OpsCenter is an easy-to-use visual management and monitoring solution for DataStax Enterprise (DSE). With OpsCenter, you can quickly provision, upgrade, monitor, backup/restore, and manage your DSE clusters with ease on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. OpsCenter reduces your operational and hardware costs and dramatically increasing your operational productivity.

Lifecycle Management

A powerful graphical management system enabling efficient installation, configuration and upgrades of DSE.

Operations Management

Offers a simple, graphical interface to execute and monitor DSE operations on one or more nodes.

Data Protection

A visual backup and disaster recovery protection solution for DSE that ensures your peace of mind.

Dashboard Monitoring and Alerting

A DSE monitoring system supplying customizable dashboards with real-time and historical metrics and alerting.

Mission Control

DataStax Mission Control is the next generation operations platform for DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra®. It simplifies management of all operations across an array of hosting options from the cloud to on-premises and everything in-between. Manage DSE environments on bare-metal or virtual machines (VMs). Powered by the advanced automation running DataStax Astra, DataStax Mission Control provides 24/7 automated operations of clusters, datacenters, and nodes.

Lifecycle Management

Powerful graphical and API driven declarative definitions enabling efficient installation, configuration and upgrades of managed clusters. Powerful automation provides automatic reconciliation of operations tasks.


Centralizing metrics and logs, Mission Control provides a common interface for the entire lifecycle of your clusters from development to production. Export streams provide integration with many enterprise observability stacks.


Mission Control brings effortless certificate management and mutual TLS to manage clusters. From self-issued certificates to third-party certificate authority support, Mission Control handles the entire lifecycle of secret material deployment to your clusters.

Advanced Operations

Mission Control handles the day to day operational tasks of DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra clusters. From anti-entropy repair to automated backup scheduling, Mission Control provides a helping hand to your operations teams.

DataStax Desktop


DataStax Desktop is a cross-platform (Windows, MacOSX, Linux) application that allows developers to quickly explore DataStax products and Apache Cassandra™ with a few clicks on their laptop.

DataStax Studio

DataStax Studio is a visual developer tool that makes it easy for developers to write queries, slice and dice your data through visualizations, and collaborate with teammates in an intuitive notebook-based development environment.

Visualize and Explore Data

Rich data visualizations and numerous output formats enable you to fluidly interact with your data and produce publication-quality graphics.

Syntax Validation and Smart Suggestions

An intelligent code editor ensures that your queries are right the first time through syntax validation and context-aware suggestions.

Advanced Workloads

CQL, Gremlin, and Spark SQL queries can be run side by side for use cases that require Graph and Analytics capabilities.

Collaborate with peers

Share your work with colleagues through the notebook import and export feature.

DataStax Bulk Loader

DataStax Bulk Loader for Apache Cassandra® is an efficient, flexible, easy-to-use command line utility that excels at loading, unloading, and counting data. It gets data in and out of the database faster than any other copy commands and community tools. Use it with JSON or CSV files to jump start your application development.


Load from JSON or CSV files to the database.


Unload data stored in the database to JSON or CSV files.


Quickly count the number of rows in a given table.

DataStax Apache Kafka® Connector

The DataStax Apache Kafka Connector automatically takes records from Kafka topics and writes them to a DataStax Enterprise or Apache Cassandra™ database. This sink connector is deployed in the Kafka Connect framework and removes the need to build a custom solution to move data between these two systems.


Flexible mapping to allow reads from many Kafka topics and writes to many DataStax tables, fits nicely to the common denormalization pattern used with Cassandra.


Created by the authors of the DataStax Drivers for Apache Cassandra and uses best practices for database writes, resulting in fast data movement.


You have to write zero lines of code if you use the connector to ingest from Kafka to a DataStax Enterprise or Cassandra database.

DataStax Apache Pulsar Connector


The DataStax Apache Pulsar Connector automatically takes records from Pulsar topics and writes them to an Apache Cassandra™, DataStax Enterprise, or Astra database. The connector is deployed into an Apache Pulsar cluster and removes the need to build a custom solution to move data between these two systems.


Flexible mapping to allow reads from many Pulsar topics and writes to many Cassandra tables, fits nicely to the common denormalization pattern used with Cassandra.


Created by DataStax to use best practices for database writes, resulting in fast data movement.


You have to write zero lines of code if you use the connector to ingest from Pulsar to a DataStax Luna Cassandra-as-a-Service, DataStax Enterprise or Apache OSS Cassandra database.

DataStax Change Agent for Apache Cassandra (CAC)


Change Agent for Apache Cassandra® is a Java-based agent that runs locally with each Cassandra node, capturing changes by inspecting the commit log, and publishing them to an Apache Pulsar topic.



NoSQLBench brings advanced testing capabilities into one tool that are not found in other testing tools. You can run common testing workloads directly from the command line. You can start doing this within 5 minutes of reading this. You can generate virtual data sets of arbitrary size, with deterministic data and statistically shaped values. You can design custom workloads that emulate your application, contained in a single file, based on statement templates — no IDE or coding required. You can immediately plot your results in a docker and grafana stack on Linux with a single command line option. When needed, you can open the access panels and rewire the runtime behavior of NoSQLBench to do advanced testing, including a full scripting environment with JavaScript.

DataStax Cassandra Source Connector for Apache Pulsar (CSC)


The Apache Cassandra® Source Connector for Apache Pulsar (CSC) is a Pulsar IO source connector that processes changes from the Cassandra Change Agent, via a Pulsar topic, deduplicates them and makes sure they are current and then publishes them to another topic for consumers to access. CSC works with Apache Pulsar, including the DataStax Luna Streaming distribution of Apache Pulsar.

DataStax Starlight for RabbitMQ


DataStax Starlight for RabbitMQ is a drop-in compatibility layer that allows your RabbitMQ applications to start using Apache Pulsar as its underlying messaging platform. With Starlight for RabbitMQ, you can drastically extend the scale and performance of existing applications while also enabling new functional capabilities such as message replay, geo-replication and Pulsar functions.

Stargate Open Source Data API Gateway


Stargate sits between your app and DataStax Enterprise. It abstracts Cassandra-specific concepts entirely from developers and supports different API options, reducing the learning curve for new DataStax Enterprise developers. Use Stargate to create applications with familiar APIs such as Document (JSON), REST and GraphQL.

DataStax Astra DB Plugin for HashiCorp Vault

DataStax Astra DB uses application API tokens to connect applications to the Astra database using a variety of APIs. The Astra DB Plugin for HashiCorp Vault, adds robust token lifecycle management for these application tokens and ensures that token ownership and usage are well understood. The plugin gives you the ability to associate metadata with tokens — such as the user who created each token, and what it is being used for — and enables logging of token usage/access via HashiCorp Vault. Dynamic tokens which are leased for a limited period of time are also available with the Astra DB plugin for HashiCorp Vault. The Astra DB plugin thus enhances the overall security posture for Astra DB in conjunction with HashiCorp Vault.

DataStax DevCenter

DataStax DevCenter is a free visual schema and query environment to create and run Cassandra Query Language (CQL) statements against Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. Note this tool is End of Service Life and no longer under active development. DataStax customers should use DataStax Studio.

Graph Loader

DSE Graph Loader is a customizable, highly tunable command line utility for loading graph datasets into DSE Graph from various input sources. It is built to load datasets containing hundreds of millions (10^8) of vertices and billions (10^9) of edges. DSE Graph Loader is efficient, using parallel loading and persistent cache to store vertices, provided a sufficient machine is used to run the program.

Multiple Sources Available

Data can be loaded from CSV files, JSON files, delimited text (CSV with a header line to identify the fields), text parsed by regular expressions, and binary Gryo files.


Reads entire input data to check for graph schema conformity. Suggests graph schema updates, or if enabled, changes graph schema. Supplies statistics about how much data will be added to graph when loaded.

Vertex Loading

Adds or retrieves all of the vertices in the input data and caches them locally to speed up subsequent edge loading.

Edge and Property Loading

Adds all edges and properties from the input data to the graph.


CQLSH is a command line shell for interacting with your database through CQL (Cassandra Query Language). This tool provides a useful interface for administrators and developers to access the database and issue CQL commands.

The versions of CQLSH correspond to a DataStax database version. Choose the CQLSH version that is compatible with your DataStax database.


CQLSH requires Python 2.7 or Python 3.6-3.11 (does not work with Python 3.12 yet).

DataStax Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is a distributed multi-model database built on Apache Cassandra. The DSE Operator for Kubernetes simplifies the process of deploying and managing DSE in a Kubernetes cluster.

DataStax Drivers

The DataStax Drivers are the client libraries for developers creating applications with Apache Cassandra™ or DataStax products. Reference the Application Developer Guide for general driver concepts and the individual driver documentation for API specifics of each language.

Synchronous and Asynchronous APIs

The drivers are built for high volumes of concurrent requests and offer both synchronous and asynchronous APIs. The Java driver also offers a reactive API.

Popular Programming Languages

DataStax supports C/C++, C#, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby and JDBC/ODBC drivers.

DataStax Enterprise Driver Users

All DSE driver functionality is now in the single DataStax Driver. Find more details on the DSE drivers in this blog post and documentation.


To connect with individual databases, JDBC (the Java Database Connectivity API) requires drivers for each database. The JDBC driver gives out the connection to the database and implements the protocol for transferring the query and result between client and database.

If you are looking for the JDBC drivers provided by an external vendor and you are a licensed customer you can access them via the Support Portal at

Since the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is such a prolific framework to enable Business Intelligence (BI) tools, DataStax provides a set of ODBC drivers to enable these use cases. For reference on ODBC drivers check out this blog.

Community Drivers

The Community Drivers are client libraries for developers creating applications with Apache Cassandra™ or DataStax products. These drivers are not maintained or supported by DataStax.

DataStax Labs

DataStax Labs provides the Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax communities with non-supported previews of potential production software enhancements, tools, aids, and partner software designed to increase productivity. Check out the current items below and download one — or all — to try them out yourself.

We want you to have fun with these DataStax Labs previews, but please note our disclaimer that these tools are not supported, and should not be put into production. Also, as you try them out we would love your feedback, good or bad; connect with us through the DataStax Community!

DataStax Proxy for DynamoDB™ and Apache Cassandra™

Preview version of an open source tool that enables developers to run their AWS DynamoDB™ workloads on Apache Cassandra™. With the proxy, developers can run DynamoDB workloads outside of AWS (including on premises, other clouds, and in hybrid configurations).

DataStax Spring Boot Starter

The DataStax Spring Boot Starter streamlines the development of Spring applications with Cassandra and DataStax.

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